Exploring the Worlds of AR & AI

Charlotte showcased a new example that Unity and 360i created for the 2018 Fall Fossil campaign, which allows users to virtually try-on and purchase different watch styles across social platforms. Fossil believes that experiential marketing is truly bringing an impact back to impressions, and Charlotte noted, “this isn’t a quick stunt, this AR unit is a long term investment.” Following the conversation, Unity invited audience members to experience their latest AR technology first-hand on iPads and Smartphones.

The panel included 360i’s CMO Doug Rozen, Fossil’s Global Marketing Lead Charlotte Roach, and Unity’s Global Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions Tony Parisi. The group discussed the opportunity that Augmented Reality (AR) offers brand marketers, including creative, interactive ad units.

Source: https://blog.360i.com/360i-news/exploring-the-worlds-of-ar-ai-at-the-2018-fast-company-innovation-festival/



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